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[SOLVED] IndexOf() in QVariantList

  • Hi,

    I have a QVariantList of QStrings and doubles similar to this
    @QVariantList list;
    list << "hello" << 80 << "bye" << 120; @

    When I try

    I get -1 (should be 0).

    I have tried

    but I get the same value. How could I find the index of a QVariant(QString) in a QVariantList?


  • Moderators

    the method's you've posted work fine for me.
    QVariantList list;
    list << "hello" << 80 << "bye" << 120;
    qDebug() << list.indexOf("bye"); //returns 2

    What Qt version are you using?

  • oops, you're right, this code works. I was trying to simplify my actual code, but I hadn't tried it. My real code is a bit more complicated.

    I was posting it when I realized I was passing a wrong string argument to indexOf. I was asking it to find "backroundThreshold" and should've been "backgroundThreshold:NUMBER". Hence the -1.

    Thanks for you help!

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