Extend LocalStorage

  • Hi,

    i created a SQLite DB and use serveral Tables via QueryModels in QML.
    Problem is, that i want to use the same DB in QML per LocalStorage.
    Does anyone know, if it is possible.
    My Idea was to extend the LocalStorage connection between C++ and QML, but i can't find, how to extend the Class. Another Idea is to duplicate the plugin.cpp where the LocalStorage Class can be found, but i think it should be a main Idea.
    Or does anyone see a reason, why i can use the same DB in every Sqlquery without specifying it every time, what is a great feature, but i can't use this DB in the QML LocalStorage.

    Thanks for reply.

  • Does nobody has an Idea?

  • Don't know, if it has to be done like i did, but i extended the localstorage, by making a new plugin (because i didn't know how to subclass it) and changed some things. Would be great, if a maindevolper could review it and maybe put it in the next release.


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