Checking is a drive is readable in Qt pops up a "no disk" error in Windows 7

  • Here is a snippet of code:

    QStringList getAvailableDrives()
    QStringList drives;
    QFileInfoList fiList = QDir::drives();
    bool firstRemovableDone = false;

    QString path;
    foreach( const QFileInfo& fi, fiList )
      path = fi.absoluteFilePath();
      if ( !fi.exists() )
      if ( !QFile::exists( path ) )
      if ( !fi.isReadable() )
      // ...


    The issue is I am in a corporate setting with network drives, mapped drives, whatever. The QDir::drives() is returning all my normal drives, but is also returning "R:/", "S:/", "T:/" and "X:/". I can't access these drives and have no idea where they are coming from. But, fi.exists(), QFile::exists() both say they agree. Then it falls down to fi.isReadable(). In the past (4.7, 4.8) this returned false. But, 5.1.1 is doing something different and Windows 7 is popping up a dialog that requires User input. I don't want this if I am checking if the drive is readable.

    The dialog is like this:

    There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk3\DR8.
    [Cancel] [Try Again] [Continue]

    This comes from line 791 of qfilesystemengine_win.cpp in the ::_waccess call:

    @ // calculate user permissions
    if (what & QFileSystemMetaData::UserReadPermission) {
    if (::_waccess((wchar_t*)entry.nativeFilePath().utf16(), R_OK) == 0)
    data.entryFlags |= QFileSystemMetaData::UserReadPermission;
    data.knownFlagsMask |= QFileSystemMetaData::UserReadPermission;

    So far, I have been able to work-around this by calling the following code before the fi.isReadable():
    bool isValidDrive( const QString& path )
    bool valid = true; // default

    #ifdef Q_OS_WIN
    LPCWSTR szHD = (LPCWSTR)path.utf16();
    UCHAR szFileSys[255], szVolNameBuff[255];
    DWORD dwSerial, dwMFL, dwSysFlags;
    BOOL bSuccess;

    bSuccess = ::GetVolumeInformationW(
    valid = bSuccess;
    if ( !bSuccess )
      qDebug() << "Error number " << ::GetLastError();
      return false;

    #endif // Q_OS_WIN

    return valid;


    But I am looking for a more OS independent way of checking. Suggestions?

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