How to resize multi Qwt plots so that they can automatically fit in main window?

  • Hello,

    I am implementing a multi channel plots window by using Qt and Qwt. I actually worked on one example from Qwt download package, which is "plotmatrix". Now I have one problem.

    The original example shows a mainwindow which has 3 X 4 plots. If I change the configuration to let it plot 5 X 4 plots or 5 X 1 plots, the whole plotting window will become larger than my desktop, and I can not resize it to adjust the Y- dimension size.

    One line of code "mainWindow.resize(800, 600);" looks like the method for controlling the window size, but even if I put a pair of very small input values, the display is still very large.

    Can anyone give my any advice?

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