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Qt application not a valid 32-bit application

  • I made a simple Qt application. Everything is working well on mt PC. I use Windows 7 SP1 and Qt Creator for building and debugging. When I try to run my program on Win XP I get the error "Not a valid 32 application". I had the same problem when I was making applications with Visual Studio 2012. However I fixed that problem. That's how: But I can't find such option in Qt Creator. How can I run my application on Windows XP?

  • Starting with VS2012,Microsoft has dropped the support for Windows XP. It has been re-added with Update-2 for VS2012, but only if a special "platform toolset" is used. The same goes for VS2013. Just select "v110_xp" or "v120_xp", respectively, as the Platform Toolset in the project configuration.

    I don't know about Qt Creator. But "here": is a description of how you would setup VS2012 to target Windows XP directly from the Command Line. I guess it should be possible to do the same with Qt Creator somehow. You basically need to adjust a few environment variables.

    See the paragraph: Targeting from the Command Line

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