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QtWebkit doesn't handle Javascript array property accessors well

  • Hello all,

    I am having trouble trying to make Javascript array property accessors work properly in QtWebkit shipped with Qt 4.8. For example, if I do the following in the QtWebkit web inspector:

    var _a = [1];
    var a = [];
    Object.defineProperty(a, '0', {
    get: function(){
    console.log('getter called');
    return _a[0];
    set: function(val){
    console.log('setter called');
    _a[0] = val;

    it should define a numeric property '0' on the array object, so that if I do:


    it should call the defined getter and return the value of _a [ 0 ], that is, 1. All the latest webkit browsers (Chrome/Safari) return 1 as expected. But QtWebkit returns an undefined, without calling the getter at all. I discovered that setting

    @a.length = 1@

    solves the problem and the getters start working fine.

    The problem however still remains in setters. When I do:

    a[0] = 5;

    the setter is never called as I don't get the expected log - 'setter called' - on the console. Again, the latest webkit browsers (Chrome/Safari) do the right thing and call the defined setter as expected.

    Does anyone know if there is a quick workaround this problem (like the one I accidentally discovered with getters) so that I could have array setters work properly? Or if this is really a deep nested bug, would it be fixed it Qt 5?

    Thanks a lot in advance.


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