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DevDays 2013 videos anyone?

  • Both the EU and US dev days already took place, so I was wondering if we are going to see some videos from the presentations? Is sharing the videos planned?

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    AFAIK yes but it might take some times. If I'm not mistaken the proper channel for the videos is "here":

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    I have not noticed any cameras while giving my presentation, so I am not sure there is video.

    I had to sign that I am fine being recorded in Berlin though, so maybe there will have the slides/voice?

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    IIRC there were some cameras in the back of some rooms maybe not all (or on the ceiling to to have a better view on the presenter)

  • 2 days ago 4 videos from qtdd13 were uploaded on the qtstudios channel on youtube. I expected that this was the commencing of the upload of all the videos, but no other video has been uploaded so far.

    What is "interesting" - the 4 videos uploaded don't really contain any valuable specific technical information, so I cannot help but wonder is perhaps digia deciding to keep dev days videos away from the general public, in hopes of boosting dev days revenues or something... wouldn't be their first pathetic attempt at commercial exploit of Qt, like the ridiculous price of commercial licenses is not enough...

    Hopefully I am wrong and we see all the videos uploaded soon though...

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    "Here": in today's news about the videos

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    utcenter: Please remember that KDAB and ICS are hosting devdays.

    Digia is a co-host at those events only. Maybe asking KDAB/ICS nicely will help.

    Having said so: I did not notice a camera in the room I gave my presentations in. Maybe they only recorded the slides and the voice? I don't know.

  • Tobias Hunger:

    During Qt Developer Days we recorded all the sessions. Recoding and chopping them up is quite a bit of work, but the good news is that we are getting close to completion.

    Recording and chopping - quite a bit of work? The "recording" aspect was completed months ago, after all, they cannot record the event after it took place. Chopping and encoding - a day or two of work at best, and I should know, I've been employed as a video editor for 5 years. It would actually be tedious to spread that work over more than a day, considering the set-up for the batch will take a couple of hours, the rest is number crunching - even an average desktop intel cpu with quicksync will churn through that data in a day.

    It would seem that the people responsible are not in a hurry to make the videos available, what's the hurry if they themselves have the videos and have probably attended the dev days as well. Hopefully the rest of the content will push through soon.

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    utcenter: Oh, great, so there were recordings.

    Just got a newsletter from KDAB (the same you are quoting from it seems) and there it says:

    bq. Within a few weeks we will upload all the presentations. We will send out an extra newsletter when done, so stay tuned.

  • Yeah, it already took 3.5 months, now add those "few weeks" - and you get yourself almost half a year - that's an awful lot of time to "stay tuned", even more to chop and encode a few videos...

    Whoever is responsible for the recording should send the videos from the next dev days straight to me, and I will have them cut, encoded and uploaded in 2 days, free of charge. Who knows, maybe the dev days 2014 videos will be out and available before they are done with the 2013 ones :D

  • Those are just the keynotes I mentioned, hardly any informational value in them. No signs of the actual tech talks yet.

  • I think you can ask Tero, the online community manager.

  • Are there any updates?

  • Today I noticed the dev days 2013 Berlin playlist now contains 39 videos. Unfortunately, only the keynotes are public, all the new uploads are private and cannot be viewed.

  • released!!!

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