Qt Creator 3 - cant connect to blackberry z10 device (usb)

  • Hello.

    I have momentics installed (macosx) and can build and run my projects fine on my blackberry z10 device which is connected via usb.

    I then downloaded and installed the current snapshot of Qt Creator 3.
    Everything went fine and looks good except in Preferences- "Current State" = "Disconnetced" and if I try to "connect to device" it tries but fails after a few seconds.

    I can create and upload a debug token fine, so apparently it can see and connect to the device.

    I can build the project but when I try to run it on the device I see in "Application Output"

    @ Info: Connecting to target
    Error: Connection failed: connect timed out@

    Ive tried the same with my Linux (opensuse) development machine and with the same results.

    Is this a bug or is there something Im neglecting to do properly?

    Thanks very much in advance.

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