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Faster alternative for grabWindow?

  • I ported my app from QtQuick 1.1 to QtQuick 2.1.
    It has a build in 'remote desktop' feature. For this I need a screen capture of the complete window relatively fast.
    In version 1.1 I used the render() on the GLWidget and was fast enough. However this does not exist in a QtQuick 2.1 QQuickView application, so resorted to the grabWindow method. Which works but is way too slow for my application, just like the "grabWindow": documentation warns about.

    So I'm looking for a faster way to get a complete screenshot into a QImage of the QQuickView content.

    I tried using the solution using QOpenGLFramebufferObject as described in "this":
    This gives screenshot images fast enough (10times faster than grabWindow), but this post's solution renders to an image and no longer to the screen.
    Also the documentation of the QQuickWindow::afterRendering() mentions this signal can be used to do 'screen scrapping' but I have no clue how to do that. I guess accessing the GLContext and somehow rendering it to an image/texture or something.

    Somebody any idea?

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