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[SOLVED]QListWidget reseting in run, not debug.

  • I have a QListWidget that will set my desired selection but for some reason on "mouse click up" it resets to the first item in the list. This only happens when I run without debug on, if debug is on it wont reset. Here is what I am doing:

    I have a QTableWidget with a bunch of record populated. If I click once it poplates my QListWidget with that row of records. If I double-click QTableWidget cell it will populate QListWidget with the row record and select the cell in the QListWidget.

    Here is my function:

    setDataItem(int item){

    Could this be a bug to report?

  • Solved! The issue was there was a single and double click SIGNAL being made. I chnaged the single click to cellEntered and it works great.

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