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Qt Creator 2.8.1, how to use Designer to create new Signal/Slot

  • Hi, everyone!

    When I connect two widgets in Design mode, it popup a "Configure Connection" dialog and list predefined signals and slots. The "Edit" button is disabled.
    Meanwhile, the "Signals & Slots Editor" can also add connections, but it still can't create custom signal/slot.

    How can I add a new function to be signal or slot?

    I found qt4 designer can just create custom signal/slot, which from menu edit->slots. Here is the "link":

  • I know, some widgets just can't add custom slots/signals.
    But QDialog can, and the "Edit" button is enabled.

    Thank you all! Hope this post will help other people who is new to qt.

  • Ok. There is still problem.

    I've just add a new slot of QDialog use "Edit" in “Configure Connection” dialog. But I can't go to this slot, because there are only predefined, which means I can't implement the slot. Anyway?

  • Ok. I know. In Qt Creator, the build will call "uic" as default to generate header file, which usually stand in diretory "build-xxx-Debug" according to the platform.
    Thank god!
    I found it with much time waste.

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