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Which message clicked for QSystemTrayIcon

  • Is there any way of figuring out which message was clicked when I get the messageClicked signal from my QSysTrayIcon? If my app puts up a couple in a row, I would like to know which one was clicked on when that signal fires.

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    what do you mean with "my app puts up a couple in a row"? A couple of QSystemTrayIcons?
    If so each QSystemTrayIcon object emits the signal. Thus you can do the mapping.
    You could use QSignalMapper in that case for example.

  • No, it calls the tray icon's ShowMessage twice in a row. And it is connected to the messageClicked, but I'd like to know which of the two systray messages was clicked on.

  • Ah, never mind. I was misinformed - at least on Windows, you can't have more than one message showing via the showMessage method. The later one just replaces any one that is currently showing.

    That's what I get for asking about a reported bug before actually trying to recreate it...

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