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Widget Detection

  • ok, im an absolute newbie to QT, but i know a little c++... im working on a skin for Teamspeak 3, which uses QT... and theres no definitive list of widgets used by TS3. is there any way to open up the QT dll files with the installer so i can read the #include section, or some other way to find out what all widgets are used in the library? im looking for a specific widget to alter a list in options without altering the dropdown lists...

    thanks for your time :X

  • QuickTime? or maybe Qt?:)

  • not quicktime, Qt

  • Assuming you speak of DLLs for TS3 itself, not the Qt DLLs (QtCore4.dll, QtGui4.dll and so on).

    The #include directives are not saved in the DLL. There might be some tools around that show you the symbols defined in the DLL, maybe including the symbols they depend on. But that will not show you how the UI is put together.

  • theres three qt dll's, qtcore4.dll, qtgui4.dll and qtnetwork4.dll

    is there any way i would be able to get a list of the widgets used, or am i just kinda screwed? :X the ts3 admins didnt release documents regarding their Qt formatting it looks like, so none of the people messin around with skins can figure out half of the layout... at this point were mucking around by trial and error... blind :X

  • No, no chance. The DLLs you listed just contain everything of the respective "Qt module": I'm not aware of any other DLL that could intercept the application and the Qt DLLs to kind-of log the widget construction. But that does not necessarily mean, they don't exist :-) But I have less hope that you will be better of than try and error.

  • thanks for the help :O

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