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Qt not installing and destroying other apps on Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion, online installer bug.

  • Hello fellow developers, I have been working on a Qt project with a friend, I installed Qt with the offline installer, but Qt Creator didn't work that well with his code, even after my edits. So I went and downloaded the online installer for the latest version, Qt 5.1.1. The installer was first of all half in German, half in English. With my little knowledge on German I proceeded through the installation steps, and just when it was almost done, it showed the following error message in German (translated): "Couldn't install Qt Creator: not enough memory." - I think I translated it correctly... Then, I clicked on "Retry" about 3 times, still didn't want to install. So I clicked on "Cancel". The progress bar emptied itself backwards, and when it said "Done", I noticed that my dock froze up, and I couldn't switch desktops either by gestures or by the keyboard. So I clicked on an app behind the installer, it crashed. Then my entire computer froze up, except for the menu bar. So I logged out and shut down the computer, waited one minute to clear the RAM, powered it up, logged back in, and I FOUND HALF OF MY APPS ERASED!!! Some of them were half-erased though, but unusable, but I managed to restore most of my apps. But the most peculiar thing is that it attacked only the apps, not their related data. Did anybody else experience this (possibly fatal) problem and what do you guys suggest?

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