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Remapping keys, key event (Qt.ControllModifier not set)

  • Hi all,
    relativelly new to Qt.

    I am using a remap c++ function to obtain desktop and embedded platform funtionality.
    My beloved yellow key remaps to Ctrl^Y.

    I am trying to remap a yellow key in my rcu to Ctrl^Y but it does NOT work right the FIRST time viewer loads a new .qml.

    Scenario is like this.
    I enter a new qml press yellow keycode is Key_Y but no controll modifier the first time. Second time I get Key_Y and control modifier. Like someone/thing changes event->modifiers the first time.

    in c++ remap goes like
    bool MyDearApplication::qwsEventFilter(QWSEvent event)
    if(event->type == QWSEvent::Key) {
    key = static_cast<QWSKeyEvent*>(event);
    // Remap some of the RCU keycodes to platform.

    void MyDearApplication::remap(QWSKeyEvent * event)
    uint keycode = event->simpleData.keycode;
    case RCU_Key_Yellow:
    event->simpleData.keycode =Qt::Key_Y ;
    event->simpleData.unicode = 'Y';
    // Key yellow remaps to Ctrl^key_Y
    event->simpleData.modifiers = Qt::ControlModifier);

    in Live.qml
    Window {
    id: live
    animated: false

    Keys.onPressed: {
        if (event.key === Qt.Key_Y)
            Utils.console_INFO("key Y mod %1", event.modifiers); // we enter this part
            if ((event.key === Qt.Key_A && event.modifiers === Qt.ControlModifier)
            || (event.key === Qt.Key_Y && event.modifiers === Qt.ControlModifier))
                Utils.console_INFO("Key audio was pressed") // do not enter this one only the first time I press yellow

    The FIRST time I press yellow button I get Key_Y in qml but event.modifier is Qt.NoModifier
    all the rest attempts pressing yello button are successfull as even.modifier is Qt.ControlModifier

    any ideas???

    using qt 4.8.3.

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