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Debugging issue (immediate window, watch) with VS2012 and QT 5.0.2

  • Hi,

    I use W7, VS2012 with QT5 addin 1.2.1 and QT 5.0.2.
    And I have problem with debugging. For example I have following piece of code:

    @void MainWindow::OnTestButtonClicked()

    // ...
    // resultListWidget is QListWidget
    if (resultListWidget->count() != sqlOrder.size())
        // ...
        // ...


    and I put breakpoint somewhere inside the function (method if you prefer). When breakpoint is hit I cannot use resultListWidget in immediate window, example:

    Function QListWidget::count has no address, possibly due to compiler optimizations.

    But no optimization is used and everything is built in debug.

    Then there is a problem with Watch functionality. Or maybe problem is a bit strong word. It is that find in QuickWatch window e.g. value which represent 'resultListWidget->count()' is not very user friendly (I know that it is because of way how is QT written). It is actually very hard to find. As far as I know VS allow to display debug information more friendly in watch windows. Is there any plugin or other possibility to achieve some more nice way to display it?

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