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[SOLVED] Slot not receiving Signal

  • In MainWindow class.

    @this->petStage = new PetStage();

    //Initialize Preferences.
    this->preferences = new Preferences(this);

    //Initialize Interpreter.
    this->interpreter = new Interpreter(petStage, ai, &Window);

    //Initialize AI.
    this->ai = new AI(petStage, &Window);

    //Initialize AI connections.
    connect(this->preferences, SIGNAL(LoadPreferences()), this->ai, SLOT(LoadPreferences()));@

    Now Preferences is a QDialog, when I click "OK" it emits the signal LoadPreferences which SHOULD reach the AI class by having the MainWindow handle the connection. Unfortunately it is not being reached. If I move the Slot to the MainWindow it works. But even, then I cannot seem to have AI's Slot be reached even if I create a connection between MainWindow and AI.

    @class AI :
    public QObject

    AI(PetStage*, Robot::Window*);

    public slots:
    void LoadPreferences();
    void Run();

  • Hi,

    I suppose Interpreter class is a QThread inherited class.
    Is Interpreter.start() method called?
    If not, AI's slots will be never called

  • You are correct. Though Interpreter is to be called later when the button is pressed. The idea is to allow changing preferences before it starts. I guess I could get the preferences as it starts if there is no alternative.

    In short, the idea was to update without starting that thread.

  • HI,

    why you need a new Thread?
    I undestand you have some task that will be started only after some user actions.

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