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How to use Qwt in the Qt 4.7

  • I have downloaded Qt opensource windows. I want to use Qwt in my program. How to install the QWT in my program. I have read the INSTALL file given but of no use. Please help me in this regards.

    Thank you

  • You have to make sure you use the same compiler for Qt and Qwt unless the binaries won't be compatible. Easy way to ensure this is to recompile Qwt with the compiler you use with Qt (mingw or MSVC2008 for instance). Just open the pro file of Qwt and compile with QtCreator as you will do with another project. (Maybe you will have to change some path into a few of Qwt files.)

    Post more specific errors if you get in trouble getting this working

  • This video shwos how to Install and use the Qwt Analog widgets in Ubuntu 12

  • To install:

    1. (Optional) Edit qwtconfig.pri to suit your specific needs. There are inline explanations of how each variable works.

    2. Run qmake, make and make install according to commands specified in the INSTALL file. You should use Win32/MinGW I think.

    To use it:

    If everything went smoothly, you should be able to use Qwt now. Adding the following line into your .pro file
    CONFIG += qwt
    enables you to use Qwt headers and lib files. You can check out the Qwt demos to make sure. If the build is unsuccessful, it's most possibly because the feature files are not installed correctly. Look for qwt.pri, qwtconfig.pri and qwtmathml.prf, and copy them to the correct path. Some instructions on adding features can be found "here":http://doc.qt.digia.com/4.7/qmake-advanced-usage.html#adding-new-configuration-features.

    If you have no previous experiences installing external Qt features, qmake's feature finding mechanism can be tedious to understand. I personally spent quite some time figuring out what went wrong during my beginning days. But it is not easy to describe the steps without access to your real environment, so you'll have to work hard yourself.

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