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Msvc 2012 - module-qtdeclarative-make_first error 2 - staic build

  • hello,

    ok this one is giving me a bad head now, been trying to work it out for the last day.

    im trying to build QT 5.1 from the latest stable git using msvc 2012

    my build environment
    Active Perl 5.16.3
    Python 3.3.2
    Ruby 2.0.0 p247
    ICU 4c-52
    OpenSSL 1.0.1e

    Iv tried both 64 and 32 bit builds using the vs20012 (x86 or x64 depending) command prompt and also used the 32 or 64 bit builds of perl, python, ruby, icu and openssl.

    on both builds im getting the below error, the console only outputs 3000 lines, I cant find an error 1 in those lines. I configured using:
    @Configure -debug-and-release -opensource -static -openssl -icu -plugin-sql-mysql -plugin-sql-sqlite -nomake examples -nomake tests -prefix C:\Development\x86\qt@

    @jom: C:\Development\x86_64\qt-src\src\qtdeclarative\src\qml\Makefile.Debug [RegExpJitTables.h] Error 2
    jom: C:\Development\x86_64\qt-src\src\qtdeclarative\src\qml\Makefile [debug-all] Error 2
    jom: C:\Development\x86_64\qt-src\src\qtdeclarative\src\Makefile [sub-qml-make_first-ordered] Error 2
    jom: C:\Development\x86_64\qt-src\src\qtdeclarative\Makefile [sub-src-make_first] Error 2
    jom: C:\Development\x86_64\qt-src\src\Makefile [module-qtdeclarative-make_first] Error 2@

    can anyone point me in the right direction for getting passed this error.

  • iv just ran a clean build but only using one core, this time it fired up a python error - I have fixed that error (installation error about not finding python33.dll) if this works ill update this post.


  • I can confirm this was my problem :)

    basically when you have more then one core build, any python errors that like to show in a message box don't get displayed, hence me not having anything in the log for error 1. after I fixed the python error it built fine

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