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QtCreator freezes through ssh

  • Hi all.

    I'm trying to edit and compile a program developed at home, now at a server. Use xubuntu on both boxes. I connect through ssh, and everything seems all right. But when I try to run QtCreator, it starts to load and then freezes. Just appears the window's border, but nothing inside. Don't know what extra information you may need. I'm knew at this, this is my first Qt application, first time I rent a server. So basically, I'm clueless...

    Can access all my stuff, can use X, gimp starts nicely so does nautilus and kate, for example. I installed everything using apt-get. I'm trying to run qtcreator by typing just that, qtcreator (just so you know).

    any ideas? whatever info you may need, just ask. Will greatly appreciate ANY ideas about what could be wrong...

  • I got a few freezes since QDBus ran into time outs. I suggest to run a debug version of creator in gdb, and when it freezes, hit CTRL-C in gdb and get a backtrace.

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