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QML model item text change - data is changing in c++ but not on screen (unless you flip to another screen and back)

  • I need to update current data (in this instance an download progress - list of items a user can download needs to have a progress by the ones currently downloading). So the items in the list should update as appropriate but you should still be able to up/down arrow on the list. The data is updated in the c++. If I update the whole list the up/down arrows do not work because the list is constantly being refreshed. The c++ is changing the data which emits the onChanged but nothing on screen changes.

    if I use this the screen refreshes constantly because there it is 'new' data so the QML resets the index (I assume)

    The objects in my list are
    class CDetails : public QObject


    //QML properties

    Q_PROPERTY(QString displayText READ getQML_displayText WRITE setQML_displayText NOTIFY QML_displayTextChanged)
    QString getQML_displayText();
    void setQML_displayText(QString text);
    QString QML_displayText;

    void QML_displayTextChanged();


    A breakpoint here shows the method is being called when expected
    void CDetails::setQML_displayText(QString text)
    QML_displayText = text;
    emit QML_displayTextChanged();

  • Could you show us how do you use it in QML?

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