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Qt Webkit crashes with a specific website

  • Hi!

    Using Qt 5.1.1 I created a simple application with a QWebView (a MainWindow, layoutmanager and a QWebView).

    After loading a specified website AND using the arrows of the banner if I use the vertical scrollbar I get a segmentation fault.

    Debugging the code I get this message:

    ASSERTION FAILED: m_outlineBox == renderer()->outlineBoundsForRepaint(renderer()->containerForRepaint(), geometryMap)
    rendering\RenderLayer.cpp(554) : void WebCore::RenderLayer::updateLayerPositionsAfterScroll(WebCore::RenderGeometryMap*, WebCore::RenderLayer::UpdateLayerPositionsAfterScrollFlags)

    I am not sure if I might post the website, because I don't want to advertise it, but you can reproduce the problem knowing it.

    I checked it with firefox and it is working fine.
    I am trying to solve it with disabling the javascript only the main page...

    Do you have any other idea?

    Many thanks

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