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Create a web interface for a Qt application

  • Hi all. It's my first message and I hope you understand me because I'm e french guy and I don't write English very well

    I have developped a Qt project what consist in creating serial communication between my PC and an automation (I used QSerialPort). In this porject, I have developped an Interface thanks to Qt Creator. Thans to this interface, I can establish detect the ports available to establish my communication, lauch the communication and to verify the good operation, I can switch on/off leds the discrete outputs of the automation.

    Now, I want to make a web interface for my programm that work the same way of the Qt interface but on a web page. So, I can do this ???

    I hope anyone can help me

  • There are is no direct way to do it using QT
    you have to use web based scripts (java scripts / ajax ..)
    you can have a look at 'Wt' (don't know how much it can help)

  • Ok thanks
    During my research on internet, I have found QtWui and if I have correctly understand, this could be a solution but I can't find any information or example about QtWui so maybe someone here has already use QtWui

  • There is an open-source project for porting "QML to Web": which might be useful in your case. But the standard approach is the create an HTML5 front-end and to link it to web services.

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