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QML visualization thread

  • I have a question about the QML system. I have a simple QML file with a rotating text and a TCP connection ( but I think this plays no role). Every time when the client reconnects the host the rotating text stops.

    I use QQuickView and I mean that I have heard that one of the main features of the new QtQuick 2.0 is, that it run in its own thread and thats the reason why the animation shouldn't stop.

    Where is my mistake? What can I do to change the behavior that the animations doesn't stop?

    Thanks to all.

  • Hi, Yes in new version of Qt (5.2).
    Are you sure that you are using QT 5.2?
    If yes i think you have to use a version higher than QtQuick2.1 becuase in Qt5.1.1 i am currently using QtQuick2.1 and it doesn't render on its thread!

  • Thanks, I use QtQuick 2.1 and Qt 5.1.1. Do you have another idea what the reason of this behavior is?

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