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[SOLVED] Click event on Surface Pro 2

  • Hi!

    I have a problem with Qt 5.1.1 on Surface Pro 2.

    I created a simple project (Web browser using QWebView) to test Qt 5 on Surface Pro 2.
    Some component e.g. scroll bar can't detect the touch event. Using mouse everything is working fine.

    QtCreator has the same problem. When I want to open the form designer, Qt Creator doesn't react to "double click" event (double touching) unless I use double click with mouse.

    Other built-in applications are working well so I suspect that there is a compatibility problem with the touchscreen events / driver.

    Any suggestion are welcomed.

    Many thanks,

  • I double checked and a simple form with a button is working. I suspect that the webview needs opengl support, but the Surface Pro 2 doesn't have it. I am going on.

  • Solved:
    I had to set an attribute of the QWebView:
    ui->webView->setAttribute(Qt::WA_AcceptTouchEvents, false);

  • Any solution for the Qt Creator issue, though? I often use my convertible in tablet mode while just browsing code, or presenting things to my coworkers. As of now, that's impossible in Qt Creator since I can't double-click on any source file to open it.

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    I'm afraid that don't know of any workarounds, but if you don't get any response within a few days, you can file a report at

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