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Cross compiling with existing Qt libs

  • Hi you all,

    I have a problem with cross compiling a Qt app and hope someone can give me a short explanation. Sorry, this is most probably a stupid question as I am lacking a lot of basic understanding, I guess. I have done some building on linux and windows machines before, but never used Qt, nor cross compiling, nor had anything to worry about linking against other libraries manually.

    I want to cross compile an Qt application from a Windows 8 machine with Visual Studio 2012 for ARM Windows RT (Surface RT tablet). Someone already compiled the neccessary libraries (.lib, .exp, .dll), which are present in the library search folder.
    What I am not quiet sure about is what else is needed to compile the application. I guessed that the compiler also needs at least the header files from the Qt source code, which I also downloaded with the Qt source code and added them in the include search path, and Visual Studio seems to find all the dependencies.
    When I try to build the application, Qt complains that it is not configured correctly, and that I should run configure. And here I am not sure what to do. How should I configure Qt? Am I supposed to configure it for the target ARM architecture? The configure executeable tries to run nmake (and fails) but I dont want to build Qt, since I already have the libraries and thought that these are sufficient to build the application. I am a little confused...

    Cheers, and thanks in advance, =)

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