Qt Installer Framework: run application after installation

  • I use the Qt Installer Framework to create a installer for a program, after the Installation, I want to launch the application. Here is the problem, in the config.xml file, I added


    This does not work, I can start applications in the system path (such as notepad in windows), but not my installed program. I tried


    this works if the user don't changes the default installation path. Is there a way to use not the default installation path I set with <TargetDir></TargetDir> but the final installation path?

    another problem, the "Run Application" entry does not only appear after the installation, it also appears after the uninstall. After the uninstall, it sould not try to launch the removed program.

    according to "this":https://qt.gitorious.org/installer-framework/installer-framework/source/f65954d9033cbd1d342ecb6c202920a0df992dc7:tests/auto/installer/settings/data/full_config.xml my first version sould work

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