Gui Event Handler Exception : Illegal Escape Sequence

  • Hi,
    My application is on Red Hat Linux using QT4.6.3.
    I am using a QTreeView with thousands of rows(some times millions of rows are retrieved) with 10 columns of data. One of the columns use RegExps to convert the data from other column. I get the data from internal database.

    When i scroll the view up and down fast, I get below exception
    * Gui Event Handler
    Caught exception: 'Illegal escape sequence'*

    and cannot use the GUI anymore, as i repeatedly get the exception. If i press ok button of exception dialog another exception dialog with the same exception opens up as if in an infinite loop.
    I have to kill the application from shell.

    Please help me solve this problem
    Waiting for reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Moderators

    please post the reg exp you use...

  • I am converting from one string to another using Regexp
    {a[([0-9]*)]} to {b[\1]}

  • Moderators

    use double-backslashes

  • The user can enter the regular expressions so wrong expressions can also be entered, in such cases i get the exceptions and then there is no way to ue the gui except to kill.
    So how to handle such illegal exceptions

  • Moderators

    Do you use QRegExp?
    you can try QRegExp::isValid() ... but doubt it will work.
    Since the user can enter the reg exp it's hardly possible, since when do you know that the user escaped a character on purpose or if you have to escape them for the user...

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