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DirectShow plugin can't load from URL

  • Hello everyone.

    I have Qt 5.1.1 (also tested on 5.1.0 and 5.0.1), Win7x64 and I'm trying to play audio from URL using QMediaPplayer, but it doesn't works. I've created instance of QMediaplayer and simply sets the URL by setMedia() method:

    m_player = new QMediaPlayer(this);

    I also connected to QMediaPlayer slot mediaStatusChanged() to watch status, here is the output:
    DirectShowPlayerService::doSetUrlSource: Unresolved error code 800c0008

    The URL is valid and file at the URL is valid, it can be playable by setting media with QUrl::fromLocalFile() method. I've tried ti find what error 800c0008 means, but there is no results. It only means that some part of plugin cant load file from URL. I scanned my network with Wireshark and there is no any GET requests. For example QNetworkAccessManager loads that URL fine and i can track it in Wireshark.

    There is also no such error for DirectShow at MSDN:

    On the other pc's code works fine. Whats the problem? How to solve it?

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