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[Solved] Are pre-processor directives supported in .qml files?

  • Hi,

    As the title suggests, I am interested in knowing if there is any support for pre-processor directives in qml files. I am mainly interested in learning if there is a way to use the #ifdefined (or something similar) around qml and embedded JavaScript code. If there is a way, can you please let me know.


  • Forgot to mention that I am using Qt Creator 2.8.1 (based on Qt 5.1.1) for running my qml project under Windows 7.

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    QML and JavaScript are not compiled. Instead, they are interpreted (processed) during run-time, so there's no such thing as preprocessor directives. If you want decision-making, just use normal if/else.

  • Thanks JKSH for you answering my question. What you said makes perfect sense.

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