Cannot find file qt.index in Qt 5

  • We are using Qdoc to documentation our project. To link our doc to Qt official reference documentation, we need to use qt.index as manual ( indicates.

    This file exists in Qt 4.8 ($QTDIR/doc/html/qt.index) but we cannot find it in Qt5. In Qt5's $QTDIR/doc/ folder. each module has its own .index file such as qtgui/qtgui.index and /qtqml/qtqml.index but there is no one file to include all modules.

    Currently we are using Qt 4.8's qt.index file and it works fine but we really want to use Qt5's qt.index file as we are using Qt5.1 for development.

    Any ideas?

  • Have you found a solution=

  • I'm also backing up this question. Is there a way to include multiple .index files, or how to create a single qt.index file for all modules?

  • This worked for me:
    indexes = $QTDOCDIR/qtquick/qtquick.index $QTDOCDIR/qtquickcontrols/qtquickcontrols.index $QTDOCDIR/qtquicklayouts/qtquicklayouts.index $QTDOCDIR/qtcore/qtcore.index

    I found out that all .index files are included within the Android builds of Qt so QTDOCDIR is referencing the the Android Qt folder.

    See my repo for details:

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