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LF node graph for scripting theory

  • Hello im starting a big complex project.

    And before starting coding i would like to make a node graph plan.
    So i will only have to follow my plan.
    That way i will not forgot what i made and how it was working
    and how its suposse to work for the next class wich is not made yet.

    Im looking for something
    where i can create one big node
    exemple SceneObjects Class
    And in this node there will be input/output

    Output is QMap<int index, ObjectClass>

    And it connect to node for ObjectClass

    And this node have input or output for :
    public Vector3 Pos
    public QString Name

    Well if you know a good software for it let me know, i already googled alots and tryed Xmind wich is close to what i want but not allowing me to create in/output for my node.

    Anyway Thank you !!!

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