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Where to find Qt Jambi tutorials

  • Hello community, this is my first post and as usual first posters need some help. lol

    I'm trying to make an application based in the applications of this website (i've made it too) to run in my nokia 5800 xpress music, the website apps are obviously in javascript. But i've done more or less the same thing in java for desktop with the netbeans gui.

    Anyway, I asking if someone can point me to some tutorials that can make me get the basics and develop the programs in my website quick and easy (or at least the minimum acceptable for quick and easy) using the jambi.

    Any help would be great.

    Thank you

  • donno if you got the answer you were seeking as this is an old post.
    maybe you should change the subject of this thread .. "simple app in nokia 5800" to maybe "where to find tutorials for jambi" from what I understood after reading your post.

    googling or binging for "Qt jambi tutorials" will give you quite a few links. Also I personally found the docs available with the jambi installation were more than sufficient to get me productive in under a couple of days...

    moving this to Qt Bindings forum.

  • Hi!
    I made a few (two so far) screencasts about getting things running in Qt Jambi and about using the VideoPlayer function of Phonon class. You can find those at my blog "": .
    Also, there is a small Qt Jambi application what I'm tweaking in my really spare time, you can take a look to its source too. "":

  • For anyone looking for QtJambi Tutorials , i suggest this tutorial from zetcode :

    "QtJambi Basics":

    If you know any other links , post it

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