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Mouse hover event to switch frames

  • i want to use mouse hover event to switch frame .
    i have thought about using popup frames for that but am not sure how to go through can you help

  • Hi,
    Sorry, not real clear to what you want. With a frame, you mean a QFrame filled with widgets? If so, how do you want to switch it? Should it be a dialog, or just a different QFrame to display inside the current one?
    That last option might be best created using the QStackedWidget. Catch the hover event en set a different widget on top, if that kind of switching is needed.

  • I think you need to provide more description about your requirement. What are you trying to implement ?

  • sorry if i was not specific
    my requirement is quite near to what JeroentJe@home said
    i have two frames of different sizes . one is an example frame of a small size but i want that whenever i hover my mouse on it the larger frame is shown and when the mouse leaves the frame it dissapears

  • hope this will help you to understand the requirements and thanks for such a quick reply

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