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Spy++ reports that the class of all QWidgets are Qt5QWindowIcon

  • After updated our application to Qt 5.1.1 Spy++ identifies all Qwidgets as Qt5QWindowIcon.
    Running the same test with the old application gives me QWidget as expected.
    What could possibly be wrong?

  • this is just the class name(not a type), a member in an WNDCLASS struct and registered by the Windows with RegisterClass() and then used to create the window with CreateWindow

    dunno how it was before, but now in 5.1.1 it has been changed

    you could check:

    @QString QWindowsContext::registerWindowClass(const QWindow *w, bool isGL)@

    in ..\Src\qtbase\src\plugins\platforms\windows\qwindowscontext.cpp

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