Help! Develop a windows services and daemon using QT

  • When do install qtservice to my QT, i keep getting error. Anyone got the proper process to install it?

    Thank you

  • First of all QT = QuickTime. Qt is what you look for :-)
    And what exactly is your problem?

  • no, i mean i need to use QT SDK to develop a windows services. So i need to install qtservice, right?
    how to install this qtservice?

  • So, as you ask for how to install it, I think, you have not created windows services up to now? Otherwise, just create a windows services and use Qt internally, which is no problem.

    In 2009, there were lab entries for a "Qt Service Framework":

    There is a QtSolution for developing services at gitorious. look at the following "page":

    QtMobility also contains som eservice framework, but I don't know what it does exactly...

  • no, i mean i not able to install qtservice.

    i get this error when i compile qtservice's example
    :: error: cannot find -lQtSolutions_Service-2.6d

  • which example? Do you have the QtSolution for the service?
    And installing the service != compiling sources.

    So you have a compiler problem (or a linker problem).

    are you buiilding debug?
    did you add QtSolutions_Service to your sources?

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