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Cross Platform Privilege Elevation programattically

  • Hello,

    I was thinking is there a way to request Escalation through application, Specially in Mac OS X and Windows?

    It is mandatory for a set of functions to work, Like getting default network interface, And there seems to be no way to do that.


  • I think, this has to be done on each platform with the platform specific API's, how evere they work :-)

    AFAIK, there is no Qt way to do that.

  • Well i figured that out, but was hoping this get added to Qt Core.

    I suppose that's why we have frameworks like Qt, to wrap platform specific APIs for us as best as it can happen.

    And I also don't know how to use Mac OS X APIs inside Qt!

  • The same way as windows API's i think :-)
    And as far as it's a windows / MAC specific thing only, and not common use, I don't think it will get it in QtCore. But you can make a suggestion in "Jira": and paste the link here. If enough people vote for it, perhaps it will get in (although I don't think so).

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