MDI Custom Class Dialog not Real Close()

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    hola, este es mi codigo para un Custom Dialog, que es desplegado en una MDI Area, en los botones Okey y Close estan conectados a los Slot Accept() y Reject(), los que no producen un Real Cierre(), solo ocultan los controles, cual puede ser el problema?

    Sorry my english,,,
    hello , this is my code for Custom Dialog, this is display in a MDI area,  in the button Okey or Close, connect a Slot Accept()  and  Reject(), this not produce a Real Close(), only hide the controls.

    Dialog is a Custom Class(), and function normal, wend no parent the mdi area, !!!
    what is a problem !!!

    dlgFondos *dlg = new dlgFondos();

    please view the images 1, and 2


    despues de presionar Okey o Cancel
    later press a button okey or cancel


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    QMdiSubWindow *mdisw;
    mdisw = new QMdiSubWindow(ui->mdiArea);
    connect(my_widget, SIGNAL(destroyed()), mdisw, SLOT(deleteLater()));
    mdisw->setAttribute( Qt::WA_DeleteOnClose );

  • WOW ...... Very good, !!!!
    Thanks !!!!

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