Programmatically scrolling ScrollView

  • It appears that ScrollView cannot be scrolled using direction keys, so I tried binding Actions to directional keys and do the scrolling manually.
    I thought this would be possible by altering viewport.x and viewport.y, but nope :)

    Any ideas how to do it?

  • Do you mean QAbstractScrollArea ??

    Have a look at QAbstractScrollArea::verticalScrollBar / QAbstractScrollArea::horizontalScrollBar

  • I would like to do this too. I have a complex report all wrapped up in a ScrollView and would like to jump to virtual pages of the scrollview. I noticed TableView has a method positionViewAtRow(), but don't want to redesign if I can do something similar in the scrollview

  • I was finally able to move my scroll position by setting ScrollView.flickableItem.contentY

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