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Qt5 PinchArea + Flickable not working well

  • Hi everyone,

    I need to create a sort of qml map element in which a large image must be zoomed (with pinch gesture) and moved with the flickable.
    As start point I used the flickresize.qml demo:

    In my case I'm using Qt 5.1.0 in Windows 7 with a capacitive multi touch monitor.

    This demo doesn't work as expected...when it starts the pan feature is ok...but when a pinch gesture is performed the subsequential pan gestures makes the image jump apparently random of some pixels in all directions.
    To "reset" the situation, after the pinch, I must press touch two times the image and then the flickable seems to start working well again. This situation changes randomly with similar behaviours.

    Another test case is to perform a pinch-to-zoom, release both the fingers and then try to pinch zoom in another area...the result is not good at all.

    I've tried also with qt 5.1.1 but nothing changes.

  • Please can someone confirm me that what I'm seeing happens to everyone..or it's just me?

  • Up...I think that the usage of a flickable + pincharea for a complete pinch-to-zoom and pan map is almost mandatory. At the moment also the flickresize example there someone who could help me on this?

  • I'm having the same problem on Android in Qt 5.2. The first drag after pinching always results in a jump in position.

  • I've figured out a workaround:

    onPinchStarted: flick.interactive = false

    onPinchFinished: flick.interactive = true

    Seems to make my pincharea + flickable work much better.

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