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QML App crashes on older Android (version 2.3.4)

  • I'm using Qt5.2 Beta 1 / QtCreator 3

    I have a simple QML only app that I try to deploy on my target device, which is eabiv7a and runs Android 2.3.4 (API 10) so it should be supported. I can successfully deply to my phone, which runs 4.1.2, but the app crashes on invocation on the target device.

    I get lots of OpenGL related error messages (Full transcript: )

    Any possibilities to get around this?


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    Does your 2.3.4 device fully support OpenGL ES 2? Maybe the driver is missing, as it was not a requirement for droids < 4.0, IIRC.

  • I don't know, honestly. I guess my assumption was that if Qt Quick supports 2.3 it should run on devices with this OS version or later without any extras.

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    That depends. QtQuick1 (called QtDeclarative in Qt5) module uses a raster engine, so it should work everywhere. QtQuick 2 requires OpenGL (there is no software rendering fallback here).

    But since we're in Beta, it may well be that you have discovered a bug :) I'm not experienced enough with Qt 5 on Android to say for sure.

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