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Building on ArchLinux: qtdeclarative: qv4compiler.cpp: QStringList 'strings' incomplete type.

  • Running ArchLinux _x86_64 (3.11.6) in VirtualBox

    (1) I've successfully built & installed Wayland & Weston according to this:

    (2) I got to the point where i make the qtdeclarative dependency and got the following error:
    compiler/qv4compiler_p.h:83:17: error: field strings has incomplete type QStringList strings

    compiler/qv4compiler.cpp: In member function int QV4::Compiler::JSUnitGenerator::registerString(const QString&):

    compiler/qv4compiler.cpp:62:28: error strings was not declared in this scope stringToId.insert(str, strings.size());
    ...and so forth.

    I'm trying to build an evironment to create Qt apps using Clozure CL...please assist!

  • SOLVED: I used the instructions here:

    but i dont understand why, on an x86_64 platform qtwayland wont compile without Wayland-egl support...???

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