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[Solved] Make QtCreator 2.8 use GTK (native on Gnome) Theme instead of KDE

  • I've installed Qt 5.1 via the Online Installer onto a Linux Mint / Ubuntu box running Mate 1.6. The KDE theme seems to be hardwired (eg File Open) and I can't see how to switch that to the native GTK theme.

    Is there a way to change this in Qt5?

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    Pass -style fusion to Qt Creator.

  • Thanks for the input - style didn't make a difference, however. I tested all style options in Qt5 with a tiny test app and only if started it without the style argument was the Gnome/Mate desktop appearance used for the UI.

    I tested with QFileDialog::getOpenFileName

    SOLVED: Using "brute force" by pulling the QtCreator 2.8.1 sources and compiling the IDE on Qt5.1.1...

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    Yes, we do not ship the gtk-integration.

    That has proven to be too be too unstable: Each and every distribution ships with its own version with its own set of dependencies (and those are extensive). So we had many people complain about creator crashing for them due to minor mismatches between symbols dragged in by gtk and those used by the rest of Qt.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Mint should ship a Qt Creator that is known to work on top of their stack of libraries. Can't you use those packages?

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