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Qt Installer Framework - Custom Page and Custom Operation Example

  • Hello,
    I am trying to use the Installer Framework, I read the documentation and the examples, but I can't figure out some things. I miss example for some cases.

    I want to make a custom operation (for example, writes "hello world" to a file). In the Installer, I want a custom page with a button, a click sould execute the operation.

    First, I wrote the operation in C++ ( as shown in "custom operation documentation": ), I compiled the Installer Framework after adding the operation.
    In the Installer project, I created a UI with the designer and added it to the product in the packages section, I loaded the UI in a qs script. This works, the new page appears in the installer. now the questions:

    • In the UI, there is a button, how do I connect to the click event in the qs script?
    • how do I execute my new operation correctly?

    I don't know if my operation even works. I tried to execute the operation manually by calling:
    @MyInstaller.exe --runoperation "MyOperation"@

    the installer generated a logfile with the following content:

    Operations end: 16
    Resource count: 1
    Data block size: 17779381
    Magic marker: 302133811
    Magic cookie: 14007050384008702200
    Index size: 48
    End of data: 30592181
    Number of operations: 0

    according to the last line, I thing the operation was not executed.

    Is there somewhere a running example for operations? (and please no links to the documentation, there is only a snippet of code but no word how to compile it...)

  • Dear all,
    I have the same problem.
    Is there a running example?


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