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Create solution for QT5.1.1 instead of nmake build

  • Is there a way to get the configure script to create a solution file instead of outputting nmake build scripts?

    I am having problems loading the windowsd.dll and I can't find where to set compile options and such. Plus nmake is single-threaded without incredibuild or something like that.

    In any case, I would much rather work from a .sln rather than from makefiles.

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    Do you mean compiling Qt itself, or compiling you application(s)?

    You can use multicore compilation using -mp in Qt's configure, or by passing DEFINES+=/MP to qmake.

    It is possible to generate .sln files with qmake, too, AFAIK. See this page: "link":

  • Compiling QT itself. Thanks for the mp tip, that does make a massive difference. But I am specifically trying to debug why a QT dll won't load so I wanted to see how QT setup the project and solution (and I wanted to make recompilation easier/faster).

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    Right, then I don't think creating Visual Studio projects for Qt itself is possible (you can try using cmake files, though, I think MSVS supports that). It's probably not really supported, but since qmake is able to generate vcproj files, I think that with a bit of tweaking you could force configure to pass that switch to qmake, and then you will get vcproj files for all Qt modules.

    PS. To speed up Qt compilation, apart from -mp, you can pass those flags: -fast -optimised-qmake -skip webkit -nomake tests -nomake demos -no-libmng -no-libtiff. See configure -help for even more goodies :)

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