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  • Hi everyone,
    I've developed my custom library from link to myApplication.
    In order to link, in file .pro I've written:
    LIBS += -Lpath -lmylibrary

    and that's all very well, but if I've more version of mylibrary, how can I do to force to use a specific version of mylibrary?


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    what do you mean?
    By specifying the -L parameter you already tell the compiler/linker where to look for the library.

    And it's also not possible that 2 libraries have the same filename in the same folder, thus either your libraries are already in different paths or named differently.

  • in the same folder I have this two version of library:

    With the instruction under,in my app, the compiler/linker link the last *.so.1.1.0 but if I want to force myApp to use the previous version?
    LIBS += -Lpath -lmylibrary

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    why not just putting them into a subfolder named by version?

  • well's a possible solution, but I wanted to understand the meaning of sym links that I have when I compile mylibrary.

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    it's just a "convention":
    But i think i still don't know what you actually asking for.

  • Solved:
    in your .pro file instead of writing:
    LIBS += -Lpath -lmylibrary

    you have to write:
    LIBS += -Lpath

    in this way force the link to use that specific library version.

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