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QT Command Prompt and src dir in QT SDK 1.1

  • Hi,

    I have installed the QT SDK 1.1 and unable to find QT Command Prompt and src directory.
    Can anyone tell me about it or its alternative in QT SDK 1.1?


  • The command prompt can be found in StartMenu -> Qt SDK -> Desktop -> Qt for Desktop (MingW)

    And the full sources need to be downloaded using the updater.
    From Creator's help menu -> Start Updater (look at Package manager under Miscellaneous and check the Qt sources)

  • If StartMenu -> Qt SDK -> Desktop -> Qt for Desktop (MingW) is the QT Command Prompt then when I enter configure command it displays 'configure is not recognized as internal or external command'

  • configure is part of the sources
    So add the sources and then you can use configure

    But what are you trying to achieve? (since the SDK comes with everything already built)

    LE: after you add the sources you will have them in the path: _QtSDK_INSTALL_DIR\QtSources\4.7.1_ (configure will also be there)

  • Thanks Zlatomir.

    I am developing an application and want to use mysql or ms sql server as database so I want to activate drivers for them.
    Can you please tell me how to do this in QT SDK 1.1?

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