Qt Creator can't find QML file

  • I'm running Qt Creator 2.8.1 on windows 8 and have QtTestClient.pro, main.cpp and main.qml files in the QtTestClient project directory. The build succeeds but running with msvc++ (or minGW) fails with the error

    file:///C:/Projects/build-QtTestClient-Desktop_Qt_5_1_1_MSVC2012_64bit-Release/main.qml:-1 File not found

    QtTestClient.pro contains

    QT += qml quick

    SOURCES += main.cpp
    TARGET = QtTestClient


    and main.cpp contains the statement


    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Its always better to use Resource file to store and access all your QML files. Then you dont need to worry about the file path...

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