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QwtPlot sending runtime exception when trying to show a curve with 8000 points

  • I'm trying to show two curves in a QwtPlot and replot each 20 miliseconds. But when I run my program it throws a runtime exception.

    Here are my variables:
    @QwtPlot * spectrum = new QwtPlot();
    QwtPlotCurve * Tcurve = new QwtPlotCurve();
    QwtPlotCurve * Scurve = new QwtPlotCurve();
    QpolygonF Tpoints;
    QpolygonF Spoints;
    const int count = 1;@

    And here is the code for every time I replot spectrum :
    Tpoints << QPointF(i,intArray[i]);
    Spoints << QPointF(i-4005,intArray[i]);




    The intArray array is updated every millisecond through a UDP socket connection but the spectrum is updated each 20 milliseconds.

    Farther info: The size of the QwtPlot is 1000x280

    Thank you in advance for your help,

  • welcome to devnet

    Did you try to set a lower update rate (e.g. 1 second or even more)?
    Which version of Qwt are you using?
    Also OS, compiler?

  • Thank You :)

    Yes, I set it to 100 milliseconds, 1 second and 2 seconds, still the same.
    I'm using qwt 6.1.0, with Qt 5.1.1 MinGW 32bit compiler and in Windows.

    When I reduce the number of points the exception does not occur but unfortunately I need all of the points shown.
    I have also set a QwtPlotZoomer for the plot, when I set count to 2 and zoom in just after the program starts the exception does not appear but when I zoom out the exception is instantly thrown. It's like the plot can't show all the 8000 points together...

  • I am using the same configuration, but still Qt 5.1.0. I have much more points. Therefore, I guess it should not be an issue in your case either.
    I looks more that something might not be initialized. debug and release versions do show the same problem?
    Can you start it in debugger? This gives you generally quite a good guess where to search.

  • I used both the debug and release versions and in got the exception in both.
    I also ran the debugger which gave me a signal with : "Signal meaning: Segmentation fault"

  • I did a little search around segmentation fault in this case, gonna change my Qt version to see if that will make a difference.

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