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Visual Studio 2005 and Qt 4.6.3

  • Hi All,
    could you please let me know how can i use qt under VS2005.
    These are the steps done:
    1- Installed Qt-2010.03 (should be 4.6.3 i hope)
    2- set path variables: c:\Qt\2010.03\bin and c:\Qt\2010.03\qt\bin
    3- launch configure command from folder c:\Qt\2010\qt
    4- launch nmake

    The last point end with 3 critical errors, the first one is:

    qscriptextensionplugin.h<43>: error: undefined interface

    Thanks and regards

  • in which environment did you execute nmake and which parameters did xyoux give to configure.exe?

  • If you are trying to rebuild the SDK you might get errors because of the previous build (SDK is already build with MingW)

    I suggest you download the source (4.7.1) from "here": or older source can be found "here":

    And then, after you unzip the archive, you do this (from the VS command prompt navigate to the unzipped Qt folder):

    1. configure.exe (with desired parameters)
    2. nmake (it will build everyting including examples and demos...)
      or alternate...
      nmake sub-src (build the framework)
      nmake sub-tools (build the tools: Designer...)
    3. install the VS add-in

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